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Term 3

Premier’s Be Active Challenge

The Premier’s be active Challenge is a program designed to increase the physical activity levels of young people. The Challenge commenced in 2007 and is open to all South Australian children from Reception to Year 9 in government, non government and home schools. This year our school is entering the Challenge!

The Challenge requires participants to complete at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily for up to 10 weeks. This physical activity can take a multitude of forms ranging from active house work and walking to school, through to playing sport. Students simply need to record their daily activity log sheet. They will be recognised with a medal or an alternate prize after they complete 4 weeks (a bronze medal in the first year, silver in the second, gold in the third, then champion, legend and hall of fame). Our class will take part for 4 weeks beginning Term 3, Week 2 and finishing at the end of Week 5.

As a parent / caregiver you will have a vital role to play in this Challenge. Your encouragement, motivation and support for your child will make a real difference to the success of the Challenge.

Below is a link to the activities which students can include on the Premier’s Be Active Challenge log as well as the log sheet they will be using. Students will receive a copy of both forms when we start in week 2, however I thought it would be useful for a copy to be placed on here just in case your child forgets to bring home their forms.

List of Physical Activities 2014

activity 4 week log

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